Sunday, July 29, 2007

White-as-white-water rafting

On this weekend’s (Aug 3-5) ‘Combo’ trip we will make a special effort to fit in white-water rafting on the Lao-nung River. This in addition to the usual activities – camping high up, big sunrise, hike, downhill cycle, mucking around in cool mountain streams (see pics below), tea plantations, etc.

Remember, the price includes everything, and the fitness level required is low!

Other stuff open to all:

The August 21-23 Yushan trip is now full, but we have another one going August 29 (late evening) to August 31. Contact us ASAP.

Meteor Lake. We hope to make it to Chia-ming lake on August 13-15 A bit of fitness needed here.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stink and Soak

The summer weather stinks, and we've surely got the best place to be.

The falls, slides and pools may not be Niagara, Disney nor Olympic, but they are up the road from us and we have them all to ourselves usually.

On the 'Combo Weekends' we have been hanging around here a lot. Juvenile behavior is allowed - expected and observed.

Boys will be boys, and the men will be idiots. The girls...well, pretend to be something else altogether.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Yushan spaces

A couple of places are still available on an ascent of Yushan August 20-22. If interested contact us as soon as possible at the usual address ...and hope the typhoons stay away.

Hibernation over.

After an early summer break in cooler climes - hibernation, if we may call it that, we are well fed/awake and ready for some trips.

July 27-29 we will have a 'Combo Weekend' open to anyone. As the summer heat is at its most annoying, more time will be set aside for frolicking around in cool river pools and waterfalls. Remember this trip is suitable for anyone fit/unfit.

Early August we're putting together a group for Chai-ming Meteor lake. will have more details soon.