Sunday, December 20, 2009

Yushan open ...and Snow West Ridge!

Some pre-Christmas good news.

The dry weather has been good for roads being reopened. See for more.

Yushan's Main Peak is now slowly reopening to regular hikers. We will be checking out the trail in the next few weeks and then scheduling hikes from March onwards. The national park still has not officially announced, but is very likely to do so, the annual closure of Yushan for the month of February. Longer trails (other than the Main and its sub-peaks) deeper in the park remain very much closed for the time being.
Some excellent news! Ten years after being closed by the 921 earthquake, the Snow Mountain West Ridge (雪山西稜) trail is to officially reopen next month. This 6-day hike from Wuling, over Snow Main, Cuichr Pond (pictured), and exiting at Dasyueshan will be back on our schedule as soon as possible - possibly March. The local hiking community had been vigorously protesting the lack of progress on reopening this important route - lots of 'Top 100' Baiyue peaks along the way. Note that in some places the trail is very rough, and is only suitable for the experienced hiker.