Monday, June 22, 2009

Mountain Permit Forms

Taiwan Mountain Permit Forms

I've uploaded some of the most useful forms required by the police when applying for Mountain Permits. Clicking on the links brings you to the Scribd site (don't worry if the they look garbled here) click on 'download' - choose 'Word' - their original format rather than pdf. Tell me if you are having problems with the Chinese fonts, I may be able to provide a jpg image file to print instead.

Please note: these are the forms used when applying for Mountain permits (入山 ru-shan) NOT National Park permits (which must be obtained beforehand if planning to hike on the national park trails), see my previous effort to explain all this at Each of these documents has a simple itinerary (add dates, adjust as necessary); the required comments regarding equipment, behavior, the environment; and a simple route map. Don't worry too much about the details - the main thing is the police officers see a familiar piece of paper when dealing with the scary foreign face. You, of course, would not be depending on these maps would you?

At most trailheads you will need to have ready 3 (4 if arriving at a National Park+ the Nat Park Permit) documents : 1. application form, 2. name list (any clear list usually works, not needed if you are alone) and 3. these forms below. Some forms I have translated less - for those trails that should only be led by a Chinese speaker/reader, or details that are more than obvious.

1.The Application Form.

2. Name List.

3. The 'other information' form.

Jiaming Lake

Yushan Southern Sub-peaks

Yushan single-day ascent, note this option has not been generally available since June 2010

Yushan 5-day Peakbagging

Yushan peakbagging excluding south peaks

Yushan + North peak

Taoshan + Kahlahei

Taoshan 2-day

Wuling Quadruple

Yushan + traverse via Batongguan

Southern Cross '3 stars'

Snow Holy Ridge

Snow Standard 2-day

Snow Standard or to Cichr

Snow Dashaiuo Jian

This is too tedious to finish right now - will add more/tidy up soon