Sunday, May 18, 2008

2008 Summer Hikes

This is a very incomplete schedule of open-to-all trips.

June 23- 28th Southern-Second Section (6 days)

July 7-12 Snow Mountain Range traverse

July 16-17th Yushan

August 21-22 Yushan

August 26-28 Yushan Traverse (3 days)

Early September Batongguan Cross-Island (7-9days)

Late October Snow Mountain traverse & Nan-hu

Late November Neng-gao

Christmas/New Year Batongguan Cross-Island (7-9 days)

Goodbye Winter. Hello Summer.

As you can see, this blog tends to skip the occasional season. Then again this winter seemed to drag on for a bit longer and spring was fitted into a single April afternoon.

A recent photo of northern Kaohsiung County to get you in the mood for the winter that will come around before too many more posts here.