Friday, April 24, 2009

Yushan DIY package.

Yushan (Jade Mountain) Service

Starting May 2009, we offer a new support package for hikers wishing to climb Yushan's main peak by the standard route by themselves. This covers everything you will need for a successful ascent (except the actual walking!) and is actually cheaper than attempting to organize any other way.

This service includes the arrangement and cost of the following:
  • Application for Permits, both National Park, and Police (Mountain Entry). To give you the best chance of getting the National Park permit (oversubscribed, and often decided by lottery) we strongly recommend you choose to hike from Monday to Friday, and contact us at least a month in advance. Applications later than this, and for weekends are very very difficult.
  • Book accommodation at Paiyun Lodge
  • Accommodation and food (dinner and breakfast) at the hostel at Tataka.
  • Full instructions in English on how to do the climb by yourself, topographical map with English annotation.
  • Sleeping bag rental at Paiyun.
  • Three meals prepared at Paiyun. Dinner (usually rice, 3 veg, 3 meat, 1 soup, 1 fruit), early breakfast before summit climb (rice congee etc), and breakfast after summiting (usually noodles-based). Tell us if you need vegetarian options.
  • Transport to the trailhead at Tataka from transport hubs in Southern Taiwan (normally Chaiyi High Speed Rail station).
  • Shuttle bus from Tataka to the actual trailhead.
  • Assistance in applying for certificate of climbing.
  • Full email and telephone support service.

This arrangement does not include the following items (but may be arranged if specifically requested): snacks on trail, packed lunch on first day. Transport to Southern Taiwan.

Notes: The standard (for 95% of people) ascent of Yushan involves arrival at the hostel at Tataka (20 km from Alishan) on the day prior to hiking, hiking to Paiyun Lodge on Day 1, early morning ascent to the summit of Yushan's Main Peak and return to trailhead and city on day 2. If you require a different schedule please discuss this with us, but remember there are various good reasons why this has become the standard itinerary.

National Park permits are the most problematic part of the process and can be very difficult to obtain at short notice and for weekends. Dates on successful applications can not be changed, names listed are difficult to change and are now checked carefully at the Tataka checkpoint. In addition to payment of a deposit, we will need hiker's names, passport numbers, dates of birth, and any relevant local contact person/telephone number. We will not assist those with ambitions to enter the national park without valid permits.

Cost: US$190/NT$4,900NT ($2,000 non-refundable deposit prior to permit application, $2,900 on successful application). Discount for groups. No hidden extra costs.

Payment: Paypal, bank transfer, cash.

As always, we encourage you to consider some of the many other (less red-tape tied) peaks and trails in Taiwan, such as Snow Mountain, Taiwan's second highest. Or Dabajian - the barrel-shaped monster.

Any questions - send them to