Monday, August 20, 2007

September Hikes - Without Typhoon Fun!

We have a few trips coming up in the next few weeks. The weather will
thankfully be becoming DRIER and cooler as the fall approaches...could
it get wetter?!?

September 1-3. Snow Mountain. Contact me immediately as time for
permits is short.

September 5-6 (leave 4th evening). Yushan.

September 8-9 (leave 7th evening). ‘Combo weekend’

September 10-12. Snow Mountain.

September 15-16 (leave 14th evening). Yushan

September 19-20 (leave 18th evening or earlier). Yushan, plus possible
extension for other peaks/traverse. See Peak Bagging and Extension at

September 22-25 (Mid Autumn Festival) Chia-ming Meteor Lake

September 27-18 (leaving 26th evening) Yushan

Advance notice:
We may have treks to Yushan September 29-30,October 12-15 and October
For US Thanksgiving (November 22-25) we should be up a-still-snow-free
Snow Mountain.

As ever, we are happy to help apply for permits for independent hiking
(without us guiding etc), and arrange private custom-made group trips.

Cooler weather is paddling the mangroves weather. Anytime - we are


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Typhoon Fun!

The approaching typhoon will probably be long gone by this weekend...but should leave behind perfect white-water rafting conditions on the Lao-nung. Of course, if the river is too big, we will stay well clear and find something else to amuse us!

The 'combo weekend' van leaves Friday evening from downtown Tainan. To book a space check out Often after a small typhoon conditions for hiking/biking are even better than usual - cooler air, clearer views.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Email problems

Our email may have been having problems in the last couple days. For the moment please communicate with us via

If you sent anything to us at recently and didn't get a response, now you know why. Send again to thanks!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yushan Permits

Please note: this is an old post. Conditions change, for up to date information please read more recent posts.

We've been asked about getting permits for Yushan. If you have the wherewithal to do the ascent yourself, we can help you tackle this lovely bit of bureaucracy.

What we need is a copy of the data page in your passport/ARC, the dates you want to be where, and your emergency contact numbers. We charge $900 per application (1 person) and $500 for every additional person, this includes accommodation at Paiyun Lodge.

Please Note:
-The number of people allowed to head for Paiyun/summit is restricted, for popular times (most weekends) the park operates a lottery to decide who gets in. Your chances are much better if applying to hike on a weekday.
-Other than during the summer vacation, hikers can not camp outside at Paiyun on weekdays (ie, must apply for a space IN the lodge).
-NO permits are issued for a month around Chinese New Year, this is to give the mountain a chance to 'rest'.
-Dates/names/routes listed on the permits can not be changed after issuance. The park has the right to withdraw permission in the event of typhoons/earthquakes etc.