Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yushan Packing List

This is the packing list for Barking Deer's standard hike of Yushan. For FAQs on this trip see the previous post http://barkingdeernews.blogspot.com/2009/06/yushan-faq.html Note, this list may NOT be appropriate for all other hikes.

These are the thing you should prepare: Tell us as soon as possible if there is anything you don't have, or are not sure about.

Light hiking pants (not cotton/never denim!)
Warm fleece pants - probably only in winter
Underwear/spare (ideally made for sports - not cotton)
Wide-brimmed hat
Warm hat
Warm gloves - optional, may be important in winter
Socks, 2 spare
Toilet paper - not tissue paper please
Headlight - fresh batteries
Inner layer breathable shirt (not cotton!)
2 fleece layers, one light, one heavy
Toothbrush - toothpaste
Rain jacket
Hiking boots - must be broken in and in good shape Remember most good shoes/boots are designed to disintegrate (for recycling purposes) after a couple years!
Personal medicine etc
Sleeping mat - if really needing extra softness at Paiyun.
Backpack - must have good hip belt
Backpack cover
Bags to waterproof spare clothing
Hiking poles - optional, but recommended.
Water bottles - 2 liters, don't have to fancy nalgene, just secure/reliable.
Cell phone optional, CH telecom best
Form of ID. Passport or ARC copy fine
Good/fun/positive attitude!

We will have these items - you probably don't need to duplicate:

First aid kit
Simple repair kit and other interesting things
Water-purifying gear
GPS device

These items we will prepare for you - no need for you to bring along:

Cooking gas
Snacks/Sports drink mix

Things you may want to bring:
Sandals to wear at camp
Shorts (not cotton)
Glasses (better than contact lenses)
Entertainment - reading material/mp3 player.
Camera-spare battery/memory card, dry bag
A small amount of your favorite snack. Remember we will provide snacks, best not to duplicate too much.

Things we don't usually bring but if you beg we will:

These things are not needed.

Anything heavy/breakable/large that is not necessary
Rock climbing gear

Tip: Do some research on Diamox (Acetazolamide) and decide whether it is suitable for you in preventing/alleviating altitude sickness. We find it very useful, but WILL NOT SUPPLY it (and struggling here not to technically endorse). There is a very small chance of an allergic reaction - must be tried out at home well before hiking, and is contradicted for some people. Many hikers use viagra for the same purpose, again research yourself.