DIY Trips

Sometimes we are not available to guide, or you may want to hike by yourself - but the logistics of getting into the mountains can be problematic. Let us help with the difficult stuff.

Services we can usually arrange:
Mountain Permits.
Cabin Bookings.
Off-mountain accommodation.
Trail notes.
Extra advice and backup.
Portering (not cheap in Taiwan)

Note there will be some variation in what is possible to sort out for particular routes. Speak to us for itinerary recommendations and planning.

Favorite DIY hike options:
Snow Mountain. Taiwan’s second highest. 3 days. Moderate ability
Other Shei-Pa (Snow) National Park routes. 2-8 days.
Daba Jian. 3-4 days.
Nengao Old Trail. 2-3 days.
Lower Taroko multi-day trails.
Taroko Gorge day-trips, including Jhueilu (Zhuilu) Vertigo Trail.
Yushan Single-day, and other options - see link above.
Yushan National Park longer routes.
Nanhu (Dashan) Mountain. 3-8 days. For the experienced hiker.
...and others!