Monday, September 5, 2011

Fall & Winter 2011 Open Hikes.

Scheduled guided hikes (open to anyone) in the next months.

Full Moon Festival long weekend.
Join us for 1,2 , or 3 days for fun hiking in Taroko Gorge for Mid-Autumn Festival. As well as checking out most of the main sights (Shakadang, Eternal Spring Shrine, Swallow’s Grotto, Lyushui-Heliou Trail, Tianxiang etc) we will focus on one or two excellent trails. Last-minute arrivals welcome. All you have to do is to take the bus/train to Taroko, be ‘reasonably’ fit, and possess sensible walking clothes/shoes.

Day 1. Saturday September 10th: Wenshan-Lyushuei Trail, easy 4-7hours. Plus lots of main gorge sights.
Day 2. Sunday September 11th: Zulun Mountain 1599 meters elevation, 5-7 hours hiking. Not far from the Lotus Pond and the trail to the Jhucun/Meiyuan Trail. Plus lots of main gorge sights on the way up/down. Option to ride bicycles back down to guesthouse.
Day 3. Monday September 12th (a public holiday in Taiwan) Dali-Datong Trail: I will be doing the moderately hard route. Option available for those wanting a tougher option - and a very easy stroll. Finish with a little rivertracing.

Price NT$ 2,400 per day or $ 5,900 for the 3 days. Includes: shuttle from Taroko (aka Xincheng/Sincheng) Train Station, good nearby guesthouse accommodation, breakfast//dinner/snacks, local transport - and me guiding throughout. As well as the general, fun stuff, I will be focusing on the flora and fauna of Taroko.

Note, reserved train seats the whole way to Taroko/Hualien that weekend will be very difficult to book. Better to take Kamalan Bus from Taipei to Yilan or Luodong, and then local train to Xincheng. It works - quick and cheap too.

General Gorge photos.

October 10th National Day Long Weekend.
Similar to Full Moon weekend above, but hopefully including Jhueilu (Vertigo) and Baiyang Trails. October 8/9/10.

American Thanksgiving TBA

November Sunday 27th Yushan Single-day Main Peak hike.
We travel to the trailhead the 26th from cities on the west coast. Can be back in Taipei etc on 27th night. As the single-day option is only suitable for the hiking-fit. See previous posts as to why 2-day options etc are not possible. Repeat only for those in above average condition. Must be arranged well in advance.

Snow Mountain December 2, 3, 4.
We will travel via the west coast and Taipei to Wuling Farm. Standard route to Taiwan’s second highest mountain. Backup destination (should permits prove hard to get) may be Nanhu Mountain - Taiwan’s most beautiful mountain according to 90% of Taiwan hikers. Book early.

New Year Taroko - main gorge and fantastic viewpoint sunset/sunrise hike.

Friday December 30th. General great stuff in the gorge. Stay in guesthouse.
Saturday December 31st. Solid 3-6 hour hike via the remote Dali Village to almost the summit of Liwu Mountain. That night we will sleep in the local aboriginal chief’s house - simple, no electric, but warm quilts in dorm-style rooms, good food, and fantastic views.
Sunday January 1st. Arise and walk 15 minutes to the ridge - at 1,200 meters elevation, and similar horizontal distance from the Pacific Ocean. Hard to imagine a more stunning place to welcome the new year in. Hike 3-5 hours via Datong Village down to the Shakadang Trail and back to the gorge proper.
Other Taroko Tours can be arranged for the unfit/lazy/on a different level.