Who is behind Barking Deer?
Primarily Richard Foster, native of N.Ireland, long-term resident of Taiwan. Various other people involved when required.

What’s your focus?
Taiwan. More specifically we want to ensure visitors to our chosen home get to enjoy its best parts. Mountains, nature...

How long have you been doing this? Do you speak Chinese?
Been exploring Taiwan for twenty years, professionally guiding for almost five. Yes, and a tiny tiny bit of Bunun, Turuku. 

But I want some other sort of Taiwan tour arranged?
No problem - speak to us for bespoke services.

You don’t sound to enthused about Yushan - why?
Other than the highest one, there are many other great mountains and hiking spots in Taiwan. Other logistical issues - see Yushan tab above for up-to-date conditions.

Do you have advice for hiking in the suburbs of Taipei?
Check out Stu, and Robert’s sites, and Richard Saunders’ books for great ideas. Taipei residents are lucky!

What should I do if I only have 1-3 days in Taiwan for nature/hiking?
Taroko Gorge. See tab above.

I may have my own transport, and want a road trip with some excellent hiking. Ideas?
Combine Taroko and the greater Hehuan area.

I am fit and experienced and want some serious hiking/trekking/trailrunning?
Have a look at some of the suggstions under the ‘DIY Trips’ above.

I’ve heard Taiwan is generally a safe place, what are your top 5 tips for safe hiking?

Do not invent shortcuts - never leave the established trail.
Bring plenty of water, snacks, water, and water.
Always have someone responsible know where you will be/may be - and know what to do and when.
Never touch hairy caterpillars, or annoy hornets/snakes.
And a current one: do not depend on your smartphone too much.

I have more questions for you.
Okay. Will try to answer promptly (HikeTaiwan@gmail.com), but please also consider buying a guidebook: Lonely Planet, Bradt etc first.

No more Q&As???
In a moment...