Monday, August 20, 2007

September Hikes - Without Typhoon Fun!

We have a few trips coming up in the next few weeks. The weather will
thankfully be becoming DRIER and cooler as the fall approaches...could
it get wetter?!?

September 1-3. Snow Mountain. Contact me immediately as time for
permits is short.

September 5-6 (leave 4th evening). Yushan.

September 8-9 (leave 7th evening). ‘Combo weekend’

September 10-12. Snow Mountain.

September 15-16 (leave 14th evening). Yushan

September 19-20 (leave 18th evening or earlier). Yushan, plus possible
extension for other peaks/traverse. See Peak Bagging and Extension at

September 22-25 (Mid Autumn Festival) Chia-ming Meteor Lake

September 27-18 (leaving 26th evening) Yushan

Advance notice:
We may have treks to Yushan September 29-30,October 12-15 and October
For US Thanksgiving (November 22-25) we should be up a-still-snow-free
Snow Mountain.

As ever, we are happy to help apply for permits for independent hiking
(without us guiding etc), and arrange private custom-made group trips.

Cooler weather is paddling the mangroves weather. Anytime - we are