Tuesday, September 18, 2007

October/November hikes

This weekend (Sept 22-25, leave Tainan Friday evening, back Tue
evening) there are a couple places left on a Chia-ming Meteor lake
hike http://barking-deer.com/meteorlake.htm - pictured on the cover of
the Taipei Times and China Post today! We may spend some of Saturday
exploring sights on the way up to the trailhead. Suitable for the
reasonably fit, Contact me asap.

Other hikes coming up:

Sept 29/30 (leave 28th evening) 'Combo'

October 2/3 North Dawu http://barking-deer.com/north_dawu.htm

October 6/7/8 Meteor Lake http://barking-deer.com/meteorlake.htm

October 10 (leave previous evening, and squeeze in as much as possible
in 26 hrs) Southern 3 stars http://barking-deer.com/southernstars.htm

October 16/17/18 Meteor lake http://barking-deer.com/meteorlake.htm

October 23/24/25 Snow Mountain http://barking-deer.com/snowmountain.htm

October 27/28 (leave 26th evening) Yushan
http://barking-deer.com/yushan.htm Time is running out to get permits,
contact me immediately.

October 31/Nov 1 (leaving 30th evening) Yushan. Contact me right away
for a chance of securing permits.

November 2/3/4 Meteor lake

November 6/7 Yushan (provisional)

November 10/11 'Combo'

November 12/13 North Dawu

November 17/18 Yushan

November 21-25 Snow Mountain

November 27/28 Yushan

November 30-December 2 Snow Mountain

December 3-5 Meteor Lake

December 8/9 Yushan

December 11/12 'Combo'

Of course some of these dates may change, we welcome groups coming
looking for custom dates/itineraries.
Don't forget we can get you out paddling around the mangroves if you
give is a day's notice. http://barking-deer.com/citypaddle.htm