Friday, September 12, 2008

Goodbye Summer...Autumn & Winter Hikes

Some open-to-all hike dates for the fall (oops! Autumn) and winter season. More details as always on

Updates in Red

October 22-25
Dabajianshan (Mount Daba) standard route. This distinctive peak (3492m), the one hiding behind the deer on Taiwan's 500 dollar note, has been closed for some time. Now, if you are up for it, it is possible again to climb to the very top, hmm. Update: Daba is still closed and may remain so for some time yet. Chilai also closed.

October 26 - November 1
Snow (Syue/Shei/Xue/Hsuei shan) mountain west ridge route including main summit and possible 2 day extension to the North peak for a fantastic view of the Holy Ridge, Daba and the dragon's spine. Update: West ridge closed due to damage. Doing Holy Ridge instead - closed to more hikers.

October 31 - November 1
Snow Mountain standard ascent.

November 6-8
Snow Mountain 'Four Show's'
Four great 'Top 100' peaks loop starting and ending at Wuling Farm.

November 10-12
Nanhu Dashan standard route. Ranked by many experienced Taiwanese hikers as 'the best'. Located in Taroko National Park.

November 13 (date may change slightly)
Taroko Gorge secret trails. Full

November 14-17 (dates may change)
Yushan Main Peaks - Camp high and explore some sub-peaks. No more spaces

November 27-28 (meet up 26th evening)
Standard Yushan summit. Full

November 27-29 (meet up 26th evening)
Yushan Traverse, end up in Dongpu Hot spring resort. Batonguan still closed, changed to Yushan peak-bagging. Full

Mid December (possibly 11-18th)
Southern Second Section. The classic N-S ridge hike though the middle of Yushan National Park.

December 21 - January ?
Batongguan Traverse. Probably Taiwan best E-W trek. If Batongguan still closed will do a route of similar scale.