Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A short return to winter.

The celebrated reopening of Yushan Main Peak on March 6th was accompanied by a death on the summit. This, and the winter-like weather of the last couple days has meant the main peak being closed again to ordinary hikers. It is still possible to apply for permits if able to prove you having proper training, experience and gear (carefully checked at multiple stages).

In the caged section.

Before the summit.
Before we know it, the summery weather will have returned, trails will be fine...and then a malingering El Nino may produce more exciting news.

Don't forget to consider Snow Mountain (Xue Shan, Shei Shan, Syue Shan etc), Taiwan's second highest. Probably more scenic, more relaxed, easier to get permits for, and - if wanting to do unsupported - more accessible by public transport.

Dabajian is an excellent alternative if looking for a great mountain and a less-regulated approach.

Beidawu (北大武, North Dawu) Mountain in Pindung County is getting hikers again. Following Morakot there is a new, lower, trailhead that adds an additional 2 hours to the hike. The water supply at Juniper Lodge is occassionally problematic - another good source is 10 mins away near the waterfall. Several new landslides the most signifigant being 0.5 and 1.75 from Juniper Lodge. Avoid hiking Beidawu if rain is predicted, the trail and approach road are 'unwell'.

Continuing my moment of of positivity: I'm often infuriated by the design of Taiwanese websites, Shei-Pa National Park's animated main page is quite inspiring nowadays however.

May, June, July and August scheduled dates coming shortly.