Wednesday, June 17, 2009


This new 6-day hike, sometimes known as the Northern Third Section ( 北三段), will be led by me (Richard) and a highly experienced local guide.

This central part of the main spine of Taiwan is famous for its lakes, 'alpine meadows', and sanbar deer. Hikers must have experience of multiple-day hiking and be in above average shape. Day 5 and 6 involve river crossings. Porter support will be available. Five of the 3000+ meter 'Top 100' peaks (百岳) are on this route: Nenggao (能高山), Nenggao South (能高南峰), Guangtou (Bald, 光頭山) Baishr (白石山), Andongjyun (安東軍山) with the possibility of Cilai South (奇萊南峰) and Nanhua (南華山) being squeezed in on day 1. After day 1 it is very possible we will not encounter any other hikers.

The first day's hiking with heavy loads is on the wide and well-maintained Nenggao trail to Tienchr Cabin located near the main spine. About 6 hours hiking.

Day 2-5 follows a simple trail through dwarf bamboo southwards along the central range.

Day 2 over Nenggao Peak camping next to the small 'Taiwan Pond' - guess it's shape... About 6 hours hiking.

Day 3: This is the longest day involving up to 11 hours hiking. Camping next to Baishr Lake.

Day 4: An easy 4 hours over Baishr Mountain brings us to the campsite at Tunlu Lake.

Day 5: Up to 8 hours if choosing to summit Andungjyun Mountain, dropping down and camping next to Aowanda stream.

Day 6: 8 hours hiking along the Aowanda River and exit at Aowanda National Forest Reserve and return home!