Monday, June 1, 2009

'Typical' Yushan

Excuse the random positioning of photos for the time being - review of a typical (really no such thing) Yushan ascent. Let's start with the main target - the summit.
Conditions on top vary immensely, from hot, sunny to bitterly cold cloud.
In most places the trail is smooth and flat.

Most people stop for a minute or two at this cliff that shows signs of once being part of a seabed.

Numerous bridges traverse steep areas.

This short eroded section very near the start is the most difficult 30 seconds on Day 1. If can deal with this, you will have no problems elsewhere.

The final exposed approach to the summit. There are always chains to hold onto if desired.

Eating outside at Paiyun Lodge.

Porter-cooked food is usually excellent. Vegetarian options are available.

If you are lucky the kitchen becomes an underground entertainment center.

How it should be - usually is.

The caged section 20 minutes from the summit provides protection from any falling rocks.

It is, of course, required to pause for a photo at the trailhead.

The last hour before the summit, less oxygen, fewer trees.

It's really not as scary as it looks.

When you get to the top go wild with your camera. Many people don't, and regret it later.

The scenery is always changing along the way as you enter and leave various forest types.

The most popular lunch spot - the West Peak/White Forest Pavilion. It's sheltered, and usually has excellent views of the southern ridge peaks. Eco-toilets nearby.

The hostel at Tataka, near the trailhead, is simple but functional and clean.