Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fanapi and trail conditions.

The rains from Typhoon Fanapi are still falling, and clearup work is just just starting, but I know some of you are wondering what condition mountain trails will be in. This is my best guess, will update this post with details as I get them.

All high-mountain peaks and trails in Taiwan are closed right now. As the weather clears up the national parks will send in teams to check trail conditions. Some shorter and more stable trails will probably reopen in the next few days, longer/remoter trails may take a week or two to be inspected - and (only) then possibly reopened. I fear the planned reopening of various Yushan (Jade Mountain) NP routes this month (following last year's Morakot damage) will be put back many weeks or months. Shorter Taroko NP, and Shei-pa NP trails starting from Wuling Farm are probably in reasonable shape and may be open by the weekend.

Expect the roads in the areas of Alishan, southern Nantou, north/east/south of Jiaxian to be either closed or in a bad state. The Southern Cross-Island Highway is closed.

Stay safe!
Richard (on holiday for the next week)