Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Long time no update!

Really, who wants to be blogging when there are mountains and valleys to be traveled...lame excuse???

Over the winter months (November-March) we are running trips to the Purple Butterfly Valley. This is a fantastic area to visit for light hiking/scenery even if you are not taken in by the thousands of butterflies - and other wildlife, that make this their home over the winter months.

Christmas-New Year Hike
We are still putting together the details of a 4/5 day hike up a valley in the foothills of Jade mountain (Yushan) in the days between Christmas and New Year. This will essentially follow the valley where Highway 21 stops in Kaohsiung County and restarts near Alishan. Riverbeds and hunters' trails. More details in a week or so.

Scheduled Yushan hikes
January 8/9th Some flexibility on dates, books asap.
February 12/13 Post Chinese New Year

Remember, trips can be organized for all destinations at other times - contact us if you have a group with a good idea. Again, if at all possible avoid planning to climb Yushan at the weekend, if that's not possible then at least take one day of work and aim to be in Pai-yun hut on Friday or Sunday night.