Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Even newer images!

My least favorite plant to encounter while hiking in Taiwan the...oops its common name escapes me, Daemonorops margaritae ('yellow rattan' in Chinese). Its rear-pointing barbs, helping it climb, grow all along its stems/tendons/sub-tendons. When caught in it careful extraction is essential - moving onwards will shred clothes and skin. It grows in in damp, shaded areas in the mid-lower mountains, and is sometimes harvested for use in furniture manufacture and for eating - supposedly lowering blood pressure. Avoid. Repeat: AVOID. Another sunrise from Bei-da-wu. This morning we had clouds all around us up to 1600m. More images at Stu's blog.
Nets have been provided for those that go mad (that's you Roger) and try to run at the rising sun.
And every growing Canadian boy has to celebrate summiting with his favorite part of a chicken.
Tough bugger, Enrique, didn't really need to stay the night here (or pose either - I insisted) but the rain fell that night on more than the plains of Spain... The lodge recently got a new address, everyone insists the 101 number was an accident, I doubt it, and suspect was chosen with a tall Taipei building in mind. Mirroring Taipei 101's diminished status, this is not the highest occupied building in Taiwan, the weather station on the North peak sits at 3856meters.