Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Recentish snaps

The steps laid into the path on the way up Kuan-shan (also leading to Ku-ha-nuo-hsin) can make your head spin. The walk down is notorious among some hikers for inducing some very sore calf muscles in the days after - 'Kuan-shan Leg Syndrome' Two. Two wheels this has. Twice I fell of. And peace of course - on the Southern Cross.
One of the many small bridge-like structures on the way up to Yushan. The trail is one of the best maintained in Taiwan and poses few difficulties for most - even with a bit of vertigo.
Long-fong waterfall, at the end of the San-ming valley, feeling long and strong this day - just like Jon!
The meaning of clouds dawning on Dave on the summit of Yushan. This was one of those mornings (there have been more than one) that most hikers at Pai-yun Lodge gave up at the sign of rainclouds, we bounded upwards and were rewarded with a stunning sunrise and empty summit.

Yes, it's the big Jade-less rock face.
Jung-yang-jan peeps out as seen from the east ridge of Snow. Living in Taipei does have one advantage - fairly easy access to the mountains on the eastern flanks of the Snow mountain range and the Lan-yang valley. I must get up Nan-hu-da this decade....
Is it the Snow mountain beast, or that English writer in chase of a Laughing thrush?